About us

Historic house founded in 1965

In 1965, the story of Maison Demarle began under Mr Guy Demarle, a renowned French baker with a vision to perfect the preparation and baking of baguettes. His audacity led to the creation of a revolutionary baking mat, forever transforming the world of professional baking.

Throughout the years, we have celebrated the art of cooking with an array of innovative tools, fostering boundless creativity. Our unwavering ambition is to establish Maison Demarle as a leader and to earn recognition as the most innovative and efficient manufacturer in the market.

This has been our motto for over 50 years, and it remains our steadfast commitment.

Key dates

  • 1965
    The culinary world is distrupted with the invention of the first non-stick baking mat coated with silicone.
  • 1976
    The first Silpat baking mat is created. An unrivalled innovation for even baking and a perfect release.
  • 1991
    The FLEXIPAN mold was created, ingeniously combining the non-stick power of silicone with the unique flexibility of glass knitting.
  • 1993
    In a daring and impressive move, the company expands internationally with the creation of the American subsidiary: Demarle INC.
  • 2000
    An epic fusion gives birth to the group SASA DEMARLE, combining the strengths of SASA and DEMARLE. This alliance establishes the group as a major actor in the supply of equipment for bakeries, viennoiseries and pastry.
  • 2004
    The company is certified ISO 9001. Official recognition of Demarle’s excellence in the quality of products and services.
  • 2008
    Sales of FLEXIPAN to French consumers are handled by a major French distributor. An exquisite opportunity for cooking enthusiasts to get their hands on the chefs’ secrets. The art of pastry for everyone!
  • 2016
    The group SASA DEMARLE acquired by ARGOS WITYU investment fund. A promising alliance that opens up exciting new horizons.
  • 2019
    The group reveals its strategy for sustainable growth with a new management team and a multi-million-euro investment from ARGOS WITYU. A powerful boost to support our development projects and build a bright future together.
  • 2022
    The Maison Demarle corporate brand is launched. It brings together all pastry brands under its umbrella.
  • 2023
    The Flexipan brand enters the retail market.